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Miss Kitty  
Posted by Miss Kitty of Bury, Manchester, United Kingdom

If you have a penchant, a love of, or outright LUST for rubber & latex then no doubt I already have your undivided attention!

Myself, Mistress Brown and Miss Kim Rub will be hosting the most delicious rubber play party in the heart of Manchester on Sept 27th 2017 in a glamorous penthouse loft apartment.
This is an exclusive rubber play party event for true submissive rubberists. Numbers will be kept low, so we can cater to your latex perversions.
Plus triple-domination action from Manchester’s two premier Dommes; Mistress Brown and I - PLUS the queen of rubber (Rubber Cult) Miss Kim Rub.

Spaces are limited for the ‘party and sleepover’ option, so book your place soon. You will get your own bed and rubber bondage/clothing/sheets to sleep in. Just imagine yourself zipped into latex the whole night long…..Then luxuriate in the sensuality of rubber sheets. Wake up to the smell of latex (and coffee) for £850 with own room. Breakfast included.

There will be extra places for the ‘party only’ option. From 5pm to 10pm £500 arrive and depart anytime.

Come early for the ‘supper and party’ option and enjoy a meal dressed in rubber. From 5pm (with supper at 6pm) £550 must be booked in advance, so we can cater and deposits will be required for those who wish to book;

There will be rubber vac beds for shrink-wrapping slaves who enjoy the ultimate in restrictive bondage, a collection of inflatable latex suits, hoods, blindfold’s and fist-mitts, body, bags, sacks and a selection of rubber inflatables!!
Plus extensive breath-play options AND MORE!

If you crave rubber control, if you dream of being a rubber slut or latex fuckdoll and made to serve three beautiful, talented and highly experienced rubber Domina’s, then you will not want to miss this rare opportunity.
Voyeurs are also welcome provided you too are prepared to be dressed appropriately for the duration of your stay.

There will be a rubber mask available to anyone who wishes to remain anonymous and hard-limits are to be made clear on arrival. If you are a first-timer or new to the scene please be aware that you are more than welcome to attend and throw yourself in at the deep end, Mistress will put you at ease if you have any questions and safety words are always used and limits are always respected at all times for all parties involved.

These extended ‘parties’ do not come round often and we will be deciding weather or not to run this specialist event again dependant on the successfulness of the first, so please do your part to support us, if this is your thing.

Slaves interested in attending, or for any further questions, you may contact your chosen Mistress directly.

Refreshments and shower facilities will also be available.

Email: - Keep it polite, clear and concise.

Tel: 0779 446 3523 - No withheld numbers or texts (9am-7pm most days with exceptions)

Twitter: @MissKittyDomme

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Mistress Saphire  
Edinburgh 23rd - 25th May
Posted by Mistress Saphire of Manchester , United Kingdom
I have been gracing the Scottish capital with my presence for many years now as many if you know.

I am pleased to announce that I will once again be holding court in Edinburgh next week.

I have session space available
23rd - mid afternoon only
24th - one session late afternoon / early evening
25th - early morning only

Sessions will take place from a fully equipped dungeon not far from the citg centre.

Session requests are to be emailed or telephoned through to me. or 07505678910

See you there
Mistress Saphire

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Lady Bellatrix  
La Maitresse Parisienne - relocation to Paris
Posted by Lady Bellatrix of London, United Kingdom
Greetings lovers and losers!

Paris, votre nouvelle reine est arrivée !

Its been a tumultuous couple of months, but the dust has finally started to settle. After three glorious years at Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire, it was time to pack it all up and start the next chapter of My life – in Paris.

I have been visiting the French capital on Domme Tour since 2013, however, I have been travelling to Paris for a lot longer. I have always dreamed of living in this fine city so now I have decided to make it a reality. However, touring a city and living there are two different things.

It will take some time for Me to truly establish Myself here, however I am pleased to report that I am now operating out of a fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondisement. The dungeon features a bondage bed, whipping bench and gynae-chair and also has a large selection of toys for all sorts of Femdom scenarios.

I will be in Paris for all of May and June. I am looking forward to seeing My long suffering Parisian slaves. But I also welcome new slaves to come forward and visit Me.

I already have an established crew of photographers in and around Paris and I'll be having My first shoot at the new premises soon. I'll be sure to include new content in My next update. But in the meantime, if you're a film slave living in Paris, I may be recruiting soon (tribute applies).

Visit My site for more details!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: French lessons start next week. Newsletters will be bilingual soon...

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