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Mistress Darcy
Central London, United Kingdom

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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor  
Regular TV Forced Bi Parties
Posted by Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor of Central London, United Kingdom
I offer discreet and regular TV and Forced Bi parties for those in need of lascivious encounters with others in a safea and sane enviroment all under Mistress Annabel's exacting control. Eyemasks and hoods can be provided to conceal your identity and there are staggered arrival times so you will never meet another guest appart from when in the scene.

Two spa style bathrooms, to freshen up/shower afterwards and My female assistant is on hand to make sure you leave looking tip top and ready for the outside world, your erotic secrets intact!!

Here are the up and comming Party dates all can be seen on My website

TV Party
Tuesday 2 September
Wednesday 17 September
Thursday 2 October (Rubber Doll Party with special guest Mistress)

Forced Bi Party (NO TV's)
Thursday 28 August
Tuesday 16 September
Tuesday 30 September

Timings and fees are shown on My website under the parties button.

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Mistress Helle  
I am Madam Helle, Mistress and Educatrix
Posted by Mistress Helle of West London, United Kingdom
Madam Helle likes to take care of the education of slaves and subs who wish to learn well coded and designed rules and behaviours in order to highlight their submission and respect for their Domina.

Madam Helle designs training sessions in order to unlock the real potential of aspiring subs and slaves and help them show their true submission.

Her teachings are based on rewards and punishments which are tailored to the deep routed needs of the submissive in Her charge. Madam Helle knows how to drive Her students in order to find the level of their submission, to understand their place and find their true limits. This is achieved by developing the submissives awareness of their natural inferiority and show them their sole purpose in life is to serve a true Goddess.

During Her courses Madam Helle will teach subs/slaves to specialise in certain tasks or cognitive areas. Specialist training may relate to sissification, fetishism of a particular object or part of the body, control of sexual activities of the slave/sub, forced chastity or humiliation.

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Mistress Anietta  
Back in the Country
Posted by Mistress Anietta of Swindon and Reading, United Kingdom
Back home from my travels. A busy week ahead but I should have session dates available from 18th August.

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