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Mistress Bettie von Sade  
I'm Now Offering Online and Real-Time Domination
Posted by Mistress Bettie von Sade of London, United Kingdom
Although I adore physical interaction with My slaves and submissives more than anything else, I understand that personal meetings are not always feasible for different reasons.

Online and distance domination has its very own, unique charm, and the experience can be just as powerful as a physical session. I will need most of the information I normally do when arranging a meeting. Most importantly, I need to understand what specific fetishes and interests you have, and I also need to be aware of what you have tried already and what your schedule is like.

I offer a variety of options and packages for you to choose from. If youd like to give this a try for the first time, Id recommend starting with a more basic package. See the details of the different alternatives below.

Beginner Package

One written instruction a week by email

- Instruction can come anytime
- All interaction by email
- Generally 36-72 hours allowed to complete the task
- Tribute is only 10 a week (payable by bank transfer or PayPal)

Intermediate Package

​Two written instructions a week by email (either related or unrelated)


One instruction sent as a sound recording

- Instruction(s) can come anytime
- All interaction by email
- Generally 24-48 hours allowed to complete the task
- Tribute is only 20 a week (payable by bank transfer or PayPal)

Advanced Package

Two instructions sent as sound recordings (either related or unrelated)

- Instructions can come anytime
- All interaction by email
- Generally 12-48 hours allowed to complete the task
- Tribute is only 40 a week (payable by bank transfer or PayPal)

Real-Time Domination Sessions on Skype

The tribute is as follows:
- 50 for 30 minutes
- 90 for 1 hour

Just like in the case of physical meetings, 50% deposit is required as confirmation, and the remainder is payable at the start of the session by bank transfer or PayPal.

Bespoke packages for regular real-time sessions are available on request for those I have already seen on Skype at least once.

Visit My website to apply for online and real-time domination.

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Mistress Eve  
Posted by Mistress Eve of London, United Kingdom

Hello one and all hope your doing well and happy with your lot in life. I have done a lot of traveling this month and for good reason - I've had some serious photo shoots abroad and I am so happy not to have had be in London I have heard from a lot of my girlfriends who are also Mistresses that this month has been vile full of those dreaded time wasters and as for me well I've been staying in 5 star hotels making amazing photos which has been an appreciated creative outlet and it boots my brand too of course. I thought this week I would make one of my favorite slaves write a little something for your reading pleasure perhaps . Its all about the Murder Mile photos shoot in November and I am very excited about being one of Murder Miles fetish models its lovely to joining the ranks of the best Fetish models in UK. I have also landed another high end cover on a fetish mag which I will disclose to you all at a later date, for now though here are some words from a devoted slave.
Today has been a roller coaster of a day. I have been in awe of Mistress Eve for some time. She is absolutely beautiful and stunning and has the rare quality of being able to combine sensuality erotica and being an exquisite powerful Mistress. Today Mistress Eve challenged me to join her in a photo shoot in November. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I have always been turned on by erotic lingerie including BDSM fetish wear without necessarily wanting to experience pain. The prospect of appearing in a photo shoot with such a Goddess like Mistress Eve is just amazing. I am so excited but so scared at the same time. Mistress has been so reassuring she has such a caring and sensitive nature and has been totally understanding and reassuring. I feel Mistress is taking me on the beginning of a journey and I hope I am worthy of her time. I am so honoured to be able to serve her. I hope she considers me her slave and will allow me to enter her world in time. It is something else to be considered the slave and property of such a sensual woman like Mistress Eve. We have been looking at outfits on and my Mistress has decided that I will wear an Astaire Tail Suit and Trousers and a Fly Hood. The suit is like a latex tail suit and looks fantastic. All the outfits will be custom made by Libidex. They have such amazing outfits. I have never worn Latex before it is quite exciting to think what it will feel like. I need to lose some weight before the shoot, I am a bit overweight at the moment and don't want to disappoint my Mistress, she has appeared with really fit male models and has she reassured me that I can lose weight and look good for the shoot.I am so excited about the shoot in November, I hope I do not disappoint my Mistress she is amazing I am so lucky to be owned by her.
Well and yes he is lucky to be owned by me now then isn't he ... I have to rush off there is a lot more I would love to tell you about and I am sure you would love to hear it all ... why not in person when we meet in session ? To book a session with me call 07810805745
Regards Mistress EveXXX P.S. I think a nice colour picture commisioned by Sardex of my self and my slave woudl be a nice touch after our shoot .

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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - Scrotal Inflation
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
I am delighted to announce that a new procedure has been added to my medical repertoire.

Scrotal inflation is now available in my Preston White Room.

A full single use sterile kit is provided for each patient.

So gentlemen, if you have ever fantasised about having a big heavy pair of balls swinging between your legs, now is the time to run along to my clinic and get your body mod operation.

For more information about the scrotal infusion procedure itself, photos and prices. Click here -

A wide range of other medical treatments are also available including: Anal examinations and stretching, health checks, pissplay, electric treatment, breath control, enemas, catheters and sounding. I have a nice range of latex and traditional uniforms I can wear to help bring your medical fetish fantasies to life.

My Preston White Room is open on weekdays from 12 noon. Sessions strictly by appointment.

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