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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor
Central London,
United Kingdom

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Madame Rubber  
Posted by Madame Rubber of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Your new year
Entertain my mind,feel my coomads

I have such a delicious kinky mind.

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Goddess Sophia  
Glasgow Tour Dates - November 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2016
Posted by Goddess Sophia of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am excited to announce my first Scottish tour. I have spent time in beautiful Scotland as a tourist but never as a Domme so I can't wait for these dates!

I will be available for sessions on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th at city centre premises Abstrakt.Me Studios. Located very close to Glasgow Central Station, this beautifully equipped dungeon is owned and run by the inimitable Mistress Lillith and features a prison cage, bondage bed, latex vac bed, and a full range of toys and implements, to name but a few.

Mistress Lillith and I will also be offering double Domme sessions for the duration of my visit.

Advance booking is strongly recommended, so contact me to discuss your session.

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Blog - An Insight into Dom/Switch Duo Sessions
Posted by YoungKinkyDommes of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Insight into Dom/Switch Duo Sessions.

Today we thought we should enlighten all our naughty readers on a subject we get asked about with regularity what do we get up to during dom/switch sessions?

The session can take place in a variety of ways.

The first would start off with both of us dominating you, we would provide all of our normal services spanking, anal play and perhaps a touch of abject humiliation for our amusement. Then you would be tied up and restrained to watch some delicious girl on girl spanking. Miss Kitty would be placed on a spanking bench in front of you, just out of your reach and Miss Nina would spank and soothe her peachy bottom while all you could do it sit there and watch your little cock twitching with desire. Once her bottom was nice and red her frilly panties would be removed and Miss Nina would then continue her punishment using a variety of implements while the very naughty Miss Kitty tells you all about how naughty she has been this week. You might then be permitted to touch that naughty little cock of yours while looking at Miss Kittys well punished bottom.

The second would involve you joining Miss Nina in punishing the devious Miss Kitty. Starting off once more with spanking and working through various implements up to the cane to teach the young lady a lesson. If you so desire, we could also incorporate some bondage or perhaps some roleplay. Just imagine a naughty schoolgirl being punished by her Headmaster and Headgirl, or an incompetent secretary being put over her bosses desk and reprimanded most severely.

The third would incorporate both of the above into a wonderfully decadent mix. We would begin by dominating you in the usual fashion and then move on to both Miss Nina and yourself punishing the lovely Miss Kitty. All culminating in some filthy jerk off instructions for you.

Hopefully we have answered some questions and sparked your imagination and no doubt we will be seeing some of you naughty boys very soon.

MN & MK Xx

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