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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - Hallowe'en Update
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

"My treat for you on Hallowe'en
A photo-set with gothic theme"

Here’s the link to nine seasonal pics -

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The Mistress Sadie  
New Chastity Slave
Posted by The Mistress Sadie of Cardiff, United Kingdom
Hello My lowly slaves and slutty sissies!

You will be happy to know that Mistress has acquired a brand new toy to abuse as I please- A Brand New Chastity slave!

He first came to me 2 weeks ago to try chastity I locked his cock in My metal chastity cage which he stayed in for the full hour's session, I tormented and teased his cock and balls whilst they were locked away.

He came back last night with a flimsy silicone chastity device for me to fit for long term chastity, well I'm sorry to say the device was rubbish. So I decided My new chastity slave would be locked back into the metal cock cage that he had tried before, I sent him off home with his useless little cock firmly behind bars and of course, I'm holding the keys!! He is in work today with his cock locked away and unable to use the urinals and that is how he will stay until I choose to release him! ;-))

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Geo Pinch  
The ‘tiger porn’ case: taking tiger-suit thinking to absurdity proves a point
Posted by Geo Pinch of Bristol, United Kingdom
The latest sexual politics debacle is raging, and it affects all of us. To prove the point of a ridiculous law - the "extreme porn" law - that victimises unknowing and innocent people, especially people who are likely to use and visit this directory, I’ve written a news item that takes the proverbial...

The issue really is worth some attention.

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