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Mistress Maggie  
My Rubber Chlorination Feature
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

‘Ten Steps to Rubber Heaven’ is an illustrated feature all about chlorinating rubber.

Chlorination is a process that gives your rubber garments a super smooth slippery feel, eliminating the need for talc or dressing aids, and also helps with ease of wear and maintenance.

Me and my slaves have been enjoying the delights of chlorinated rubber for twenty five years, my personal wardrobe and playrooms are full of the lovely stuff. it may have taken the rest of the world a while to catch up, but at last chlorination is becoming more mainstream and it’s even possible to do yourself.

In this latest feature I put on my gas mask and in ten easy steps show you how I achieve such fabulous results.

Curious slaves are welcome to come along for session and sample my lovely rubber for themselves, rubber bondage is one of my specialities as are rubber clinic treatments. Sessions are available Monday to Friday.

Follow this link to view ‘Ten Steps to Rubber Heaven’.

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Special offer
Posted by LadyDaemoon of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Since all this week your Mistress wasn't well and she had to ignore so many phone some of you don't read her pages properly!
In Her greatness, your Mistress LadyDaeMoon decided that next week,to every session booked with Herself, She will add 10 minutes of feet worship, for free. So if you book a 30 minutes cp session, you will be able to thank your Mistress for your spanking by kissing, massaging and worshipping her feet for additional 10 minutes.

Isn't that just great?!

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Mistress Angelica  
Nipple Torture
Posted by Mistress Angelica of Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
he was roped to the St Andrews cross, he wore no blindfold, he had no gag between his lips. Her leather collar lay black against his skin. his eyes followed Her, his tongue emerged to lick at his dry lips, a nervous reaction to the situation. his body exposed and vulnerable, exposed to Her, for Her. She paced restlessly, he had no choice, no option but to wait. his acceptance of this situation clearly visible for Her to observe. She often pondered on how long he would actually wait for Her. How long before he would shift, shuffle, raise his gaze? The answer, obviously different for each of Her subs/slaves, intrigued Her. She approached him, She was ready. Her leather gloved fingers reached forward, the contact with his skin, from Her fingers, made him start. As Her fingertips found his nipples She gently eased them through Her index and middle fingers on both hands, both nipples rolled simultaneously. The force applied, minimal, the effect felt, massive. He had waited for that touch for days, hours, minutes and now it was here the slightest tweak felt immense. As he was sinking into the feeling, it was over, so soon, too soon, She was gone. he was left tethered questioning himself as to why his breath was coming in short gasps. She had barely touched him, his knees felt spongy, his fingertips tingly and his head woozy. She knew this. he was desperate for Her next touch, whether that touch brought pleasure or pain he did not care, as long as She touched him. She knew this. The torment would be huge if She chose to ignore him. She knew this. he noticed Her scent still lingered in the air where Her body had stood moments earlier, then it was gone, the aroma had misted and disappeared, he felt bereft, alone, yet She stood no more than five metres away from him. Lost in his thoughts he missed Her move from there to his side, next to Her submissive, surrounding him with Her presence. She found his nipples again and this time Her fingers were more urgent, stricter with their play, holding the sensitive pink buds, twisting at them, squeezing them. he felt nothing but relief for a second or two, all that mattered was She was back, he was on Her radar, then it hit him, he felt the discomfort, the warmth of pain oozing from his nipples and spreading over his chest. She released Her grip but did not move away from him, She understood Her power and She knew how to wield it, instead of moving away She turned Her hands, so instead of squeezing his nipples horizontally Her fingers now pressed them vertically. This new development sent him into a new spasm of focus. ‘For Me’ she spoke, two words that made all the difference, gathering himself he focused not on his own discomfort but on Her pleasure of the act. He saw the smile dancing on Her lips and the passion in Her eyes for the kink. Just when he doubted that he could take anymore, She stopped. he fought the disappointment again of Her premature departure, he could have taken more, he knows this but, more importantly, She knows this. She chose Her moment of departure, it was the correct time to stop, and now..........nothing. his nipples pounding with excess blood, slightly swollen from the simple act that She had perfected. He could see the range of clips and clamps She could choose from to attach to his sensitive areas. She had displayed them on a nearby table, stainless steel butterfly clamps, monogrammed wooden pegs, suction cups, crocodile clips, sliding clamps and more, they were all there, and yet She had chosen the most powerful tool in Her arsenal – Herself. he was trembling for Her return, She still withheld Herself. his extended experience in Her capable hands had taught him that he could take, and handle, many minutes of nipple clampage and torture. Her pinwheel had found its way over his areola on many occasions, Her sharp medical needles had pierced his nipples, (they sting with the memory of it), and yet Her fingertips had reduced him to trembling!?
Her absence, now stretching, his focus slips to how his fingers tingle, his arms ache, his legs feel weak. She returns to squeeze again, this time a firmer grip, a determined poise. Will She choose to pick up any, or all, of Her toys that lay on the table within Her reach? Will She ignore Her submissive for the rest of the time he is with Her? his nipples tingle in anticipation as he waits and accepts Her choice. She has in Her hands a thick leather gag, and whilst prising it between his lips he witnesses Her glowing from the knowledge of Her control over him.

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