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Porcelain Beauty  
Fetters gyno bench, cage and trolley for sale Liverpool
Posted by Porcelain Beauty of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Doing a revamp of my room and have some items for sale. Buyer to collect.  25% deposit 75% cash upon collection.

For sale:

£650: White leather fetters gyno bench

£50: Hospital trolley

£100: Steel cage with collection tray as base.

Buy the bench and cage and receive the cage and a white canvas straight jacket for free.

The cage will be dismantled into 6 individual pieces and wrapped.

The gyno bench will have the stirrups removed and wrapped.

The trolley will not be wrapped.

Any enquiries to

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Lady Seductress  
Dangerous Acquisitions: Lovely New Equipment
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Every now and then One has to up the game and with this post I am announcing the slavish, "subish" mouthwatering additions to My W1 chambers. Browsing the images is just not enough - believe Me when I say this - so you should waste no time in booking a session, with yours seductively, to experience that which you can see here and more.

Whether your thing is heavy bondage, anal play, CP or electrics you can be assured that the lovely new toys will keep you firmly in line. A selection of full body bags (leather & latex) are now there to be used as well as new anal dildos and strap-ons, heavy duty electrics and a plethora of paddles, whips and, well, general objects of please and pain to punish you with.


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Updated Booking Process in Glasgow
Posted by TheSchoolgirlDom of Glasgow City Centre, United Kingdom

In an effort to make it easier for you wicked deviants to get hold of Me and begin our BDSM adventure together, I thought I would clearly detail my booking process for all of you. Follow the steps below to get acquainted with myself and my beautifully refurbished city centre dungeon!

For New Clients
Please note, for all new clients I require a deposit to be left and this secures your appointment with Me. Once I have met with you, I am more flexible about this. Following the steps below makes it easier for both of us to organise an appointment. For new clients I need 24 hours notice.

1. Email Me – Your first point of contact should be email, please detail what you are looking for in a session and if you have previously visited a Mistress. Keep this to a couple of paragraphs and I will respond as quickly as possible.

2. Follow up call – I will give you a time to call me, to go over your requirements in more detail. I will also give you instructions on how the deposit is to be left.

3. Confirmation – 2 hours before your booking I will require a confirmation text message and at this point you will be given the address details.

This process means I can plan what kind of fetish based deviancy we will get up to, and we can both get the most out of the experience. I adore BDSM and I want to help show you exactly how much fun it is…

For Existing Clients

Once I have met you, the booking process is easier! Call or text me to make your appointment and confirm 2 hours before. Notice means I will be more likely to have the time you are after, but short notice is possible. If you fail to confirm or show up I will need a deposit before I book you in again.

MN xx

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