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Miss Jessica Wood  
Sessions in Leeds
Posted by Miss Jessica Wood of Watford/Glasgow, United Kingdom
I'll be taking a trip up to Leeds again fom 14-16th July and offering the below in sessions:

*Corporal punishment/spanking e.g. Caning, Hand spanking, Paddling
*Foot worship, Boot worship, Shoe worship, Leg worship, Bottom worship, Strap-on worship (not anal play)
*Ballbusting/CBT/Small penis humiliation
*Fantasy style wrestling/Scissoring
*Nipple torture
*Puppy/Pony training
*Forced feminisation/Maid training with domestic chores
*Humiliation (verbal & physical)
*Tickle torture
*Smoking fetish
*Financial slavery
*Fantasy roleplay (with any of the above)

See for more info and times.

Contact me if you want to book a dominatrix session via

Location: Leeds city centre

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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - A New Fetish Feature
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you up to date with my latest site updates.

The latest addition to my website is an illustrated Fetish Feature called ‘Can you Cum?’

I often get emails asking me this very question or whether relief is included in sessions with my slaves. In this article the question is answered, along with my views and opinions on cumming and cock performance in general.

Here’s the link -

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Posted by LADY ROCHESTER The Mistress of Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
Lady Rochester's New Medical Wing is amazing, it has been newly refurbished with units, mirrors and equipment. The 6ft long cage and medical bench is looking great in this room now with its hydraulic hoist to lift any patient up into the air! The medical wing hosts a cabinet full of stainless steel implements to scare any budding patient into submission... There are endless toys, sounds, rubber bags, hoods, masks, electric devices to say the least and there is also a new vacbed in residence along with an inflatable ball! If you are a true anal fan the new F Machine will be the star for your show also great for women!

The air conditioned Dungeon also has had a little makeover this year with a new Fetters Bondage Chair and a Fetters Spanking/Fuck Bench. Lady Rochester's Dungeon as always been beautifully equipped with suspension, St Andrews Cross and also hosts an isolation box. The equipment is deliciously displayed along the walls and this room will take you into another world. The lighting has been altered to a more ambient mood and new sound systems have been fitted in both rooms. Come and enjoy an experience you will never forget. Facilities include shower and toilet available for your use and Lady Rochester's warming smile will entrap you into her slavery as soon as you walk through the door....

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