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Miss Myers
North London,
United Kingdom

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Mistress Eve  
Club Pedestal
Posted by Mistress Eve of London, United Kingdom
Club Pedestal - first time
Well hello there to all my pets, how is life treating you then?, well I hope... I've had a fantastic week and an amazing month which for me is a great way to kick start off the year... The time is drawing near for my next photo shoot, as I promised I would do a shoot each month and this month I am so excited to be wearing the most amazing latex outfit Leona by House of Harlot the very same design out fit that was worn by Beyonce in her video which you can see on you tube called Green light. A wonderful supportive slave bought this outfit for me which is something I will always remember and treasure, I love knowing kind and nice people ...I've been getting prepared for this shoot all month, keeping up with my diet and fitness regimes and I have also colored my hair a vibrant red which I love and intend to keep, I've noticed shop attendants calling me Miss now instead of madam so I'm super happy with my new fresh look compared to my real hair colour which is nice and natural I agree, but because I wash it a lot and use sometimes dry shampoo it can look very washed out like a mousy brown. I feel my new, looking for trouble I call it red hair colour is amazing and I only wish I had gone red a long time ago...
This week when I have had a spare moment I have been revamping my dungeon and I have to say it really is starting to take shape, the rubber black floor is now laid and everything is starting to look both stylish and functional. This week as well I am very happy to announce that more friends have joined my websites, why not have a look to see if any of them take your fancy. Naturally there are certain things I wont do as a Mistress because I would not enjoy doing them and wouldn't you know it... those certain things I do not do and never will do for no amount of money are the very things I get callers asking me about and requesting. So I thought to myself rather than have to say No all the time I would instead ask around to see if any of my friends would be up for such things, I want it to me made perfectly clear right here for the record that I do not and never ever will profit from any introductions made from my website, its just my way of helping out and I am a firm believer in whats goes around comes around I have seen evidence of this first hand many many times over, this is why I don't mess around with bad karma...
By the way, I have genuine references of those who have wronged me in the past who have come to very sticky endings and in three cases fatal ones. So you see that there is my personal guarantee to you that I am a decent person, I would never want to risk bad karma onto my self in any way and wonder sometimes just how brave or how stupid other people are to risk doing horrible things to others and why they are not afraid of the wrath of bad karma ? Does anyone really need to attract bad energy into their lives ???

My weekly Pits; I honestly don't have any pitts this week, I would have to lie about something if I did and seeing as I am in no way a liar then nope there realty is nothing much to say...

AND now then onto this weeks Peaks; So happy with the progress that Peta has made last year and that no more elephants will be used in circuses. I've had great sessions this week one involved 4 people and I was the boss of everyone and if I do say so myself I conducted everyone to perfection, then I had another session just with myself and a female sub telling her what to do with my client slave which was amazing. All in all a great working week and I feel I am on top of the world with everything in my life.

Lets ask Mistress Eve a question; Mistress Eve I've been an avid admirer of your photo images and in my humble opinion believe they are the best Mistress photos around now. My question is if you were not a Mistress what else would you like to do ? Do you have other dreams?
Thank you for your question, I do have a few ideas in mind, one is to open a mini resort with swimming pool and perhaps some additional bungalows for sexy people to stay on their
holidays. Imagine I would meet with people when they at their most happiest as opposed to the 9 to 5 days at work here in London. Kinky couples who would appreciate my style of decor and entertainment venues eg there would of course have to be a dungeon and each room would be decorated in a different theme and very tastefully done. I need to find a good country that is tolerant with nice weather and a good infrastructure. I think for me this would be a great career, I would have a private living space of my own, adopt 2 large dogs from a rescue shelter for security. I would love to always have happy open minded people around me, who obey the rules and earn a great living with a good lifestyle...

My subject matter; Well here we are finally re this weeks subject matter : I have been invited and requested to attend Club Pedestal for years and finally the day came last Thursday to be exact when one of my long term lovely client slaves offered to take me there and of course to pay for my time. I made certain that we had plenty of time to get ready and I took care of all the makeup and styling for my sissy friend. We were both so excited with all our prep work and I make everything a lot of fun with most everything that I do so we had a great time getting ready. One of my girlfriends took some pics of us before we headed off. I have to say that the people at this club were lovely and friendly, they are my type of people, non judgmental, not snobby nice and real about them selves it was a great atmosphere. I have not been out in absolute ages what better place to start off with. I trampled on 5 slaves which was great fun met a few Mistresses there who were nice and social, entered my sissy slave into a competition and she looked divine besides me freaking out that she was going to fall off the cat walk (something I did once when I was modelling full time.) I love Club Pedestal, the atmosphere, the venue and the people. Everyone had a smile on their faces and all in all I would recommend this place to any one who wants to go out and expose their fetishes in a safe and sound place . I left at about 3.30 in the morning and was a very good girl not drinking I don't drink any way, I had a session involving 5 people the next day and as I was the boss of all of them I had to keep my wits about me. I invited my slave to stay the night at my place after all there is plenty of room here and I am thinking I would like to extend this type of arrangement to other slaves in future like a sleep over, its a lot of fun and less formal, socks on fluffy P.J.s and hot chocolate with a bedtime conversation, what could be better time spent with a great Mistress?

My pet peeve; Fucking bastard idiots who continue to torture poor animals, they must have tiny little cocks or be seriously crap in bed never able to satisfy any one, or else be totally fucked up in the head to be able to hurt poor animals, I have made my stand crystal clear on my pinterest account and where ever else I can. I can tell you now the videos and photos are indeed shocking and revolting to look at but most certainly they are a wake up call. I feel that with the recent eye opening I have had re the way meat is put on a plate and me turning vegetarian has been the best thing I have done for myself and my intestines for years. I feel amazing to know that by turning vegetarian I am saving at least one animal a year. I use to eat a lot of meat yes I did on that Atkins diet which I did properly three times and I can tell you for absolute certainly it never helped me lose weight in fact quite the opposite. I wont be buying anything leather any more either and I wish I could sell off that leather cat suit I bought ...

My final say; Live and let other live, don't butt your big ass nose into other peoples affairs and stop judging others, they are probably having a better time than you in life, if you feel the need to do so right there is the red flag.
Judging people tells more about your self than it does about those you judge.
On that note I will sign off, I hope that this weeks blog has been interesting for you. I do write honestly about everything, I never ever will give out names etc unless I am given permission and even then I don't think its a nice thing to do any way. You should all know by now I am a very discreet Mistress and am loyal to a fault (sometimes misguided loyalty has been a very hard lesson in the past, these days I am way more selective ). I'm very protective over all my friends and slaves you could not find a more decent and real person than M.E. XXX

Disclaimer: Please note: Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur, will be the choice of two consenting adults. Anything that is implied or inferred on my websites,on my blogs, during a telephone conversation, or in a written format (letter/email), is not to be taken as an incentive for any services other than companionship. It is not my intention to in any way to promote or influence my chosen career and or lifestyle choices on to anyone.What ever your preference my websites are fully informative up to what is permitted.
Please read the information carefully on my websites before calling me on the day that you want to meet me from you mobile phone.
Until my blog next Sunday, take care of yourselves and each other.
Best Regards Mistress Eve XXX

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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor  
TV Slut Party 3 February 3pm onwards
Posted by Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor of Central London, United Kingdom
Enter My secret world based in Central London and make your most slutty dreams and desires cum true!

Enforced cock sucking, slutty PVC and rubber outfits, frillies panties for sissies and everything to make you into the dream slut or sissy.

Two fully equipped playrooms, strap on and back door training and bukkake for those in need of total humiliation!

Ony 2 spaces left. Call for further information.

Leave your inhibitions at the front door, eye masks and female face hoods for discretion.

London SW7 near Gloucester Rd tube station.

Stay kinky for Me!

Mistress Annabel
07961 555085

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom

Dreaming of becoming a beautiful girl? Then let Mistress Debbie turn your fantasy, into reality.

Whether you want to be forcibly transformed into a sissy maid, or you just need some help in unlocking your inner female. Then GUYS to GIRLS, is the perfect place for you, to get all glommed up, in stockings and heels!


GUYS to GIRLS, is a special place, where you can indulge your kinky feminine side.
Discreet and beautiful surroundings, just minutes outside the heart of Manchester. Private parking, close to motorways and Metrolink.

Then call Mistress Debbie on 077390 79559
Or email :

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