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Mistress Maggie  
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with the latest from my Preston chambers.

My latest site update is about the CP conducted in my playrooms. All of my CP pages have been updated and four new photos have been added, these better illustrate the arsenal of implements I enjoy using on your sorry bottoms, and the results when they are deployed.

My expertise extends to spankings, traditional corporal punishment and floggings. I do a special shorter dedicated CP session for those needing a quick fix and roleplay is an option.

I pride myself on doing structured sessions where your favourite activities are strongly featured, playing within your personal comfort zones. This means that CP is not obligatory, it is reserved for subs who like, want, appreciate or expect it.

Brutal, merciless beatings are not on the menu here.

For roleplay sessions I get more requests for a teacher or an aunty, since I opened my medical facility nurse has been doing a lot of spanking as well, but most men visiting me for corporal punishment do not require any special uniform.

The most popular CP session I am asked for consists of a spanking, followed by a caning or strapping - anything upto 20 strokes seems enough for most, with some strap-on and tease for that extra bit of spice.

Items for your correction and discipline include: paddles, hand spankings, slippers, brushes, tawses, canes, whips, crops, belts, straps.

Polite new students are welcome but please do your homework first. Become fully informed, start viewing my update here -


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Olivia Fitzgerald  
Fetish Removal
Posted by Olivia Fitzgerald of London, United Kingdom
A few months ago I had the most delightful dream about Derren Brown being my submissive. He was naked on his knees before me, his face lit up in a blaze of adoration and saying "I am yours to do with as you wish, Mistress; I will do whatever you tell me to do". Ah, that was a good dream and sadly one I have yet to get back into via lucid dreaming but it is on my to-list, as it were.

Afterwards, I wondered why I had such a dream and my best armchair shrink guess is that Derren is in such control of not only himself as a mind control illusionist, mentalist and hypnotist but also those he engages with onstage or on television, such that having Derren as my submissive would be quite a coup. After all, I do enjoy playing with men of power.

I recently had the chance to see Derren Brown onstage, having a gent take me out to The Countryside (i.e. not London) to see his Infamous show and I watched with vivid interest his techniques, trying to pick apart how he did much of what he did. However, one part was of particular interest: hypnosis.

(Side note: Normally I nod and agree with much of what David Tang has to say in his weekend FT column but we'll have to agree to disagree on the subject of baths in hotel suites. He's never shared a suite with me so clearly he has missed on out such perspective changing experiences such as this or this)

Ok, back on topic...

Why I was so interested in the hypnosis part of the show? Well, it goes back to over a year ago when I removed a certain gentleman's fetish from him. On the whole, I am very accepting of fetishes but this one I did not agree with: a smoking fetish. There are a number of reasons why I don't agree with it but fundamentally, he (as a non-smoker) was engaging in enjoying in watching attractive women destroy their health and their looks for his pleasure in watching them wrap their lips around a cigarette and inhale long sultry breaths of smoke.

In our conversations, he had expressed great ambivalence regarding his smoking fetish, not only in terms of rational objections but also in terms of emotional morality (good conscience). 'Well, let me help you with that,' I thought.

Having studied psychology, I used the information I had learned back at university as a jumping off point to explore further and find out how I might remove behaviours through conditioning and added a few twists of my own along the way (of course!).

What struck me afterwards, when I read DB's book 'Tricks of The Mind', was how I had instinctively used many of the techniques he suggests or alludes to in the section on hypnosis. Though he doesn't (wisely, I feel) explain a direct 'how to', he does give enough information for the reader to work much of it out for themselves.

My technique for fetish removal involved:

* Surprise- using high emotional states and extended anticipation.
*Unusual location- I used a local Mistressís dungeon (another surprise)
* Using his desire to please me against his desire for his fetish
*Him feeling safe with me and trusting me (I took my time in building a D/s relationship with him before attempting this)
*A significant number of electrical shocks delivered via a urethral probe.
*Conversational hypnosis (not overt hypnosis)
*Operant conditioning

Now, there may be an unorthodox element in there, but the result speaks for itself: he no longer has his 35 year old smoking fetish. In fact, he no longer even notices pretty girls on the street smoking and is completely disgusted by the thought of smoking (which he had all along, it was just in conflict with his arousal at seeing a girl smoke). Now he no longer is aroused by seeing females smoke, there is no conflict and he is very happy with no longer having a smoking fetish.

So, now that I have removed his smoking fetish, it seems rather unfair that I have left him without a fetish at all. Maybe I should replace it with another fetish? But which one?

I thought it would be fun to put it to a poll. Place your votes for which fetish you think I should condition for him to enjoy as though it were his own from forever before:

(Poll in original blog post)

I have only included fetishes I thoroughly enjoy playing with and those I feel are a healthier alternative to the smoking fetish (at least unless youíre a silk worm or a chinchilla) but I am open to hearing any other suggestions too.

So, what are your thoughts readers?

For full post with pictures and poll, see:


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Mistress Anietta  
I'm back!
Posted by Mistress Anietta of Swindon and Reading, United Kingdom
I am delighted to advise everyone that, after being ill for most of last year, I am now fully recovered.

My availability during April and early May is extremely limited with only odd days when I shall be able to session. Thereafter things improve and I look forward to welcoming new visitors. Read my website thoroughly, give me a ring and weíll see what can be arranged.

I am sure you will all be pleased to know that, according to my regular visitors, my right arm is as strong as ever!

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