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Watford, United Kingdom

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Mistress BabsB  
New Cross Dressing Service
Posted by Mistress BabsB of Clapham, United Kingdom
I am now offering a cross dressing service with a spa and complementary glass of champagne as well as girly trips to Tgirl friendly events. I am looking forward to getting it up and running in the next month.. Please check my website for details.. Especially for boys who like to be girls.

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Megara Furie  
London Dates with Mistress Ana of Glasgow
Posted by Megara Furie of Glasgow, United Kingdom
A long awaited tour for Mistress Ana and a return for Me to familiar territory...

We are coming to London, babayyy!!

Ana is a self taught, seasoned professional with an old school commitment to safe, sane and consensual Domination. High protocol and respect is expected from first meet and the same will be returned. Mistress Ana does not tolerate anything less.

Between Us there is not much on the BDSM spectrum We leave uncovered so you can indulge that dirty little fetish you have been hiding away and celebrate your existing fetishes with gratuitous aplomb!

We will be in town for the Adult Industry awards and sessioning from a beautiful, well equipped premises.

Dates are: 15-17th September!

To book: or 07526655457

Deposit: £50/hour by bank transfer or paypal

We look forward to meeting you...

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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - Office Update
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

I have added a photo set called ‘The Office’ to my webpages. These eight glossy pictures may be of particular interest to subs and slaves who are tempted by a Dominant Boss in nice stockings. My teasing uniform is typical of what I pick for office type discipline and roleplay sessions.

I do appreciate a good worker slave who is prepared to do as he’s told. Duties include -

- grovelling
- boot licking
- ass licking
- completing duties to deadlines

So nothing too unusual, typical office work! - Apart from the outcome if my high standards are not met.

If this type of session appeals you are welcome to apply, simply contact me with a polite introduction and a brief CV to be considered.

To view my new photo set visit ‘The Office’ here -

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