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Mistress Bettie von Sade  
Two Kinds of Freedom: Domination and Submission
Posted by Mistress Bettie von Sade of London, United Kingdom
When I first read philosopher John Gray's book 'The Soul of the Marionette: A Short Enquiry into Human Freedom', I didn't immediately make the connection between its main theme and BDSM. I have, however, always been interested in exploring the human quest from freedom, and I find it fascinating to consider the significance of consensual D/s in this context.

I can now see a direct relationship between the subject of Gray's book and BDSM. It seems to offer a good explanation as to why some may experience complete freedom through submission.

Gray describes the state of the marionette's existence as potentially enviable, since it is not responsible for any decisions of his own. Instead, all of its choices are made for the puppet by the person pulling its strings. This state of freedom from decisions may, indeed, be seen as absolute freedom.

The men who visit pro-Dommes tend to be ones with a lot of responsibility in their professional lives, yearning to let themselves go and have the roles reversed. As one submissive who has served me had concisely put it: "I have a very busy job that leaves me in control all the time, so you will be taking that away from me." He, just like so many others, was seeking an experience where all the choices would be made for him by someone else, thus all he would have to do is act out another's will.

This kind of desire for submission has one important prerequisite: not to be submissive in the "real" world. One who wishes to be a slave to his Mistress must not have been an actual slave; therefore, it seems logical to assume that someone forced to submit in their day-to-day life would, on the other hand, entertain fantasies of Dominance. For instance, the unfortunate literal slaves of the past would have been unlikely to find any pleasure in the inhumane treatment that was everyday reality for them.

The other day I was having a philosophical discussion with one of my slaves (like I always do), and he asked Me if I could describe what it was that I was looking for during a scene. The first thing that came to My mind was "freedom". However, the freedom I desire, as a Dominant, is a freedom to do certain things (eg. to feel the power I have over someone and to feel that I'm free to do whatever I wish to them), rather than a freedom from doing things (eg. from having to stay in control of a situation and from having to make important decisions). Therefore, the freedom of the marionette is not everyone's ideal freedom... It's just one kind of freedom: the submissive kind.

I appreciate that most probably not all of those in the BDSM community - Dominant, submissive or otherwise - would want to describe their deepest desire or the state they experience during play as "freedom". It's just that I've always been preoccupied with this concept... But, at the same time, I also doubt that I'm the only one in the world of kink who thinks and feels this way.

Check out my blog for more pieces like this:

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
Have you ever had that feeling of meeting someone who can see straight into your mind, into those little corners where your fantasies reside? Have you ever experienced the delight of a process where you are transformed into the inner you, pampered, relaxed, dressed, prepared? Have you ever enjoyed the delights of being Mistresses rather naughty and a little slutty maid?
The last bit is just me but itís just one of the paths to freedom and delight that Mistress Debbie can provide.
I walked in wearing his clothes, him, that other me that I prefer not to think about. I chatted with mistress, relaxed, at home. In a cocoon of heavenly delight far removed from those madding crowds. Mistress is so perceptive; as we talked I could see she was learning about me and what I would enjoy. The stockings, suspender belt and panties I was given to wear made me feel so feminine.
The pampering was heavenly and I was just me, Pamela, in a world where I could truly be me.
I loved the make-up, with Mistress explaining each step and showing me how I was transforming. Pamela is a brunette but slutty maid Pamela it turns out is very much blonde!
The rest is really down to what your desires are, for me, to serve Mistress was my delight, to be punished for my transgressions, after all I am also a naughty sissy. But Mistress has many sides to her and your delight is her delight.
In the end, sadly, we took away the external signs of Pamela and I put back on Paulís clothes but I never stopped being Pamela and this slutty maid will be back to see Mistress very very soon.
Mistress understood what my desires were; her wonderfully insightful mind saw what I wanted. Much more than that, Mistress transformed me for ever. Having tasted the delights I am hooked and Pamela evolved further.
A visit to Mistress Debbie is all about that, evolution, transformation. The caterpillar enters and the butterfly leaves Ė even if she wears a caterpillar cloak as she does. To recommend a visit to Mistress Debbie is like recommending happiness, if kind of goes without saying.
Love Pamela xx


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Mistress Lisa  
London Sessions 9th -11th August 2016
Posted by Mistress Lisa of London, United Kingdom
Double Domina Sessions available with Nicole Banshee. Contact me
Tel: +44 7425 766373 (withheld numbers will not be answered)

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