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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - Another BDSM Story
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

Another BDSM story has been rescued from my archives and posted on my webpages. The story is called ‘Under Control’ and captures a session I did with a high maintenance slave 10+ years ago. It includes lots of session pictures and there’s a slideshow version of the story as well.

A quick synopsis for you -
Mistress must give her slave an ultimatum, but not until slave is humiliated whilst holding on to an enema. Mistress uses her sharp boots to punish him before he is immersed in total rubber and fed with his own piss.

With this latest addition, there are now seven stories for you to enjoy, all with BDSM themes and all for free.

Click here to read -

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Mistress Vanita  
Posted by Mistress Vanita of Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
I will be filming with the gorgeous Mistress Ava Black at My country home in Ringwood, Hampshire, and I require submissives and slaves for various scenarios. This is a unique and rare opportunity not to be missed and I advise you apply early to avoid disappointment.

Filming times are flexible throughout the day but ideally you will arrive and make yourself available for use from 10am onward.

To confirm your attendance you will be required to apply in writing via My website and forward your £200 attendance fee. I will then confirm your place and provide you with My address details.

On arrival I will expect you to complete a model release form and provide official ID for My records.

A wide variety of themes will be filmed but those interested in the following will be given priority.

Machine Sex
Animal Transformations
Hard Whipping
Pony Play
Dog Training
Foot/Boot Worship
Cage Incarceration
Forced Bi
Maid Training
Water Sports
Face Slapping
Strap on Sex

Bring along any fetish clothing or accessories that you feel may enhance the shoot. If you wish to please your Mistresses you will endure your punishments without complaint but a safe word will be provided for extreme circumstances.

I prefer My slaves to appear unmasked but for those wishing to remain anonymous I suggest the Animal Transformation or Pony Play roles.

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Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester  
Attention Crossdressers!!
Posted by Miss Debbie Potter of Manchester of Manchester, United Kingdom
How long have you been cross- dressing?
What are your very favourite things to wear?
Are you in or out of the closet?
And what do you like to do, when you're dressed up to the nines and all dolled up?
Dreaming of becoming a beautiful girl?

Then let Mistress Debbie turn your ultimate fantasy, into reality. Come and be the sexy woman you want to be, under MY strict guidance!!

Whether you want to be forcibly transformed into a sissy maid, or you just need some help in unlocking your inner female. Then GUYS to GIRLS, is the perfect place for you, to get all glommed up, in stockings and heels!


GUYS to GIRLS, is a special place, where you can indulge your kinky feminine side.
Discreet and beautiful surroundings, just minutes outside the heart of Manchester. Private parking, close to motorways and Metrolink.

Then call Mistress Debbie on 077390 79559
Or email :

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