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Lady Seductress  
Announcing Webcam sessions with yours truly LadySeductress
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Webcam, If You Can

Announcing to all those who need to be announced to - I am now conducting sessions via webcam from both my chambers and a domestic setting - the latter for you all filthy fetishists out there.

See my new page on my site: for all the information and then do the right thing and book a session.

Foot sluts, slaves, pain bunnies, naughty schoolboys; Lady Seductress is now but a click away!

Wickedly yours,

Lady Seductress

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Duo Availability with Two wicked young ladies in Glasgow city centre
Posted by YoungKinkyDommes of Glasgow, United Kingdom
We are lucky enough to be able to offer the following duo availability in Glasgow city centre, in discreet and fabulously appointed fetish chambers this week.

To find out more about our delightfully devilish brand of kink feel free to get in touch!

Week beginning 13th February :

Monday 13th Unavailable

Tuesday 7th Unavailable

Wednesday 15th 2pm - 8pm

Thursday 16th 11am - 5pm

Friday 17th 11am 8pm

Saturday 18th 11am - 8pm

Sunday 19th 2pm - 8pm

We look forward to thoroughly corrupting you.

MN & MK Xx

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Claire Black  
Website Update
Posted by Claire Black of London/Finsbury Park, United Kingdom
It's been two whole years since I last gave my website a radical overhaul so I decided it's high time to have a bit of a spring clean. I won't be changing the overall look, but the content in many of the pages will be updated.

So far I've done the gallery (your favourite, I know) so it is easier to see the full pictures, and I've added a brand shiny new FAQ, so there's now no excuse for pointless questions!

Go have a look here, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Gallery -


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