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Goddess Cleo
East London, United Kingdom

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Mistress Eve  
Big Dick ...
Posted by Mistress Eve of London, United Kingdom
Saturday, 19 July 2014

Big Dick ...

Dear one and all...yesterday was a day to remember...
One my favourite regular slaves a devotee anal stretching and when I say stretching I mean it seriously stretching it out ...
At the door he informed me that this time around he really wants it bigger than last time and had I upgraded from Roger who is only a pathetic 14 inches to something larger.
As I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks I have not had the spare time to go shopping ....
I could see the disappointment on his tanned handsome face and I just could not allow him to feel any form of let down on my session as my professional attitude to me career would not allow for it...
So I started off small / ish then went up larger and larger ...
Eventually we got back to Roger and this was all well and good but not good enough for my slave as far as I was concerned..
I then put on my long black latex gloves and fisted him loving every inch of it in and out... out and in and he was in seventh heaven...
As I am well connected I rang up one of my nearby Mistress friends who I knew had a much larger Dick and so as she owed me a few favours she arrived on my front door in express time ...

The session was a resounding success - but I knew I must go and get a much larger dick for all my clients who love to be stretched out...
Just upgraded to Leroy a massive sized purple dick and still brand new

Today my Chinese Mistress Justice friend and I went out shopping at the nearby gay shop and bought a fist which we love ...
during the session he wore the pigs mask...

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Mistress Maggie  
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
My website now has something EXTRA and will be drip fed with even more extra nuggets over the forthcoming months.

Extra pages with a feast of glossy highlights from inside and outside my Preston Chambers, specially selected for your interest and delectation. All original material with contributions from my devotees, encompassing stories, all the latest news, features and articles in magazine style, significant archive material, photo sets and session time snippets.

I have also invited one of my slaves to publish his session memoirs. His ongoing slave diary can be accessed via my extra pages if you would like to follow his training.

Check this link to view my latest topical BDSM and fetish updates.

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Goddess Salvia  
Summer is here
Posted by Goddess Salvia of Brighton, United Kingdom
Well I don't know about you but this sunshine brings longer days and happy faces.
Sitting in the sun and felling it creating a warm comfortable glow.
My mind wanders to what outdoor play could be created?
Outside underground holding cell?
Pony girls and boys grazing in the paddock?
Paintball games?
The ideas bring a smile to my painted lips and a twinkle in my eye.

Oh yes folks, summer is well and truly here x

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