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London, United Kingdom

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Lady Seductress  
Good news if you're a lover of Cock n Ball Torture!
Posted by Lady Seductress of London, United Kingdom
Good news if you're a lover of Cock n Ball Torture! I have acquired even more amazing BDSM equipment for my Central London Dungeon all geared towards the effective torture of your cock. The shiny medical looking devices are a mix of chastity and anal play. There's a speculum in there too. And then there's the solid metal ball crusher with the hook that can take more weights, if I desire.

The cock pump is fun to watch, I pump and we watch how large your penis can swell within the confines of the tubular suction chamber.

The violet wand looks quite wicked but can in fact be a very sensual experience. We can work our way through all the levels of intensity to see what suits us at the time....

Oh, and more leather cock and ball devices - because leather always looks good :)

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Madame Luna  
Madame's News - March 2015
Posted by Madame Luna of Southampton, United Kingdom
I have recently enjoyed a filmed session alongside My black Alpha slave and slutty sissy slave where I decided to allow My sissy his wish to taste black cock for the first time. I also thought it would be fun to make him fluff My Alpha's huge cock in preparation for a little cuckoldry humiliation. I stared directly into his eyes as I allowed My Alpha to pleasure Me, his expression was of someone that wanted that to desperately change positions with Me.

One day I might let him experience what I did, who knows? However, so as not to let Alpha get carried away with his role of the 'bull' I decided to mix things up a little by forcing him to take My sissy in his mouth and make him cum.

All in all a very enjoyable session for all involved! You can see the results in video and stills on My Adultwork profile as well as download the movies in HD from Clips4Sale via My website over the next few weeks.

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Megara Furie  
Dublin and London
Posted by Megara Furie of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Hello you

Just a quick blog to say I will be in London 26th March then Dublin, Ireland 27th March until 31st March.

If you would like to session with Me, Mistress Megara or double domme with the unarmingly beautiful and amazing Dominatrix - Lady Karma Aleksandra - check My twitter for a pic of the beautiful Lady Herself - please email Me asap

Deposit is required.

Love, Megara x

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