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Mistress Maggie  
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here, keeping you informed on my website updates.

I have added an illustrated feature on my ‘Gas Station’, the unique breath play system that I use in my clinic. The gas station will be of special interest to slaves who enjoy gas masks, bubble bottle, aromas and regulated air intake.

Since it was installed in my chambers I have had a stream of enquiries from curious breathplay devotees. The update gives a full representation of the gas stations’ capabilities which should help answer your questions.

Once again I would like to mention that bottled gases are not available in my White Room medical setup and I have no plans to introduce them.

Other breath play options are available ranging from simple gas masks, anaesthetic equipment, clear plastic suffocation, rebreather hoods and inflatables, gags as well of course. If you like a Mistress or nurse capable of managing your oxygen levels follow this road to The Gas Station -

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Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor  
Birthday treat for all clients....
Posted by Dr Annabel Sadistra: Bitch Doctor of Central London, United Kingdom
Mistress Annabel's birthday is on the 15th September please check Mistress's news section across all three of Her websites for a special treat for all subs and fetishists both known and new to Mistress.

Mistress Annabel's London Studio is lavishly equipped way beyond your expectations with the largest collection of rubberwear of any Mistress in the UK.

Stunning white Twisted Clinic with full aray of medical instruments and clinical restraints and Black Rubber Operating Theatre.

Full TV Boudoir with shoes up to size 13 and over 100 different outfits with everything in all sizes from fluffy mules to thirty different corsets to full sissy attire, jingle bell panties and Maid's uniforms in both satin and latex.

Mistress Annabel is a fully qualified Bitch Doctor and ardent Hypno Domme.

What are you waiting for? Check out Mistress Annabel's news sections from Monday 8th September to take advantage of this jaw dropping offer!

Stay kinky for Me!

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Mistress Anahita  
Back from holiday - back to facesitting!
Posted by Mistress Anahita of Warrington, United Kingdom
Well boys and girls I am back from My well-deserved break and came back to a queue of lovely clients wanting My full facesitting and Mistress experience.

Mind you, My full-strength Eastern European poppers are a hit! Gone through two bottles in a week! They are rather stron though and one sub almost passed out as he said he was hard core and could take it... he couldn't. I always have a fan and cold water to hand...

I have also bought a new strap-on as so many people seem to want this these days and My other one, although quality, was smaller so now I have a good size strap-on for people wanting a bit more filling.

I had a lovely sissy boy in gorgeous lingerie tied up, bent over the Chest of Chastity and after force feeding him poppers from a worn pair of panties I entered him and gave him what for. Boy did he love it! he came several times while I was rodgering him senseless.

Next day I had a mummification client whom I wrapped in My special wrap with My face wrap over his head (of course I had straws for breathing so that I could pinch them occasionally to get his attention)

Don't forget to give Me a call or preferable email me for an appointment. I sometimes have a waiting list so do get in early!

Bye for now!

Mistress Anahita

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