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Mistress Salome Sin  
NEW overnight sessions at My Manchester House of Fetish
Posted by Mistress Salome Sin of Manchester, United Kingdom
Hello slaves & subs!

Hope you are all behaving this January! As many of you know My specialty is double Domme sessions with Mistress Victoria. We do plenty of doubles and have been doing all day sessions for the last 8 months on a very regular basis. Our day sessions are very popular and We now offer all night sessions too!! For the ultimate slave lifestyle experience with Us come spend the night at Our Manchester House of Fetish!!!

If you fantasise about completely immersing yourself in to a 24/7 slavery scenario and you want to deepen your BDSM experience and submit for more than a couple of hours I do recommend an overnight session. Myself and Mistress Victoria specialise in extended Double Domme sessions and are both genuine lifestyle Mistresses, because of this We are very experienced in making fantasies a reality.

An extended session is not like 12 or 14 one hour sessions in a row. An overnight session is a full 12 hours or more under Our control and this is what makes an overnight session an intense slavery experience. Once you arrive We would start with with a one hour session which would then be followed by the experience of being chained, caged or put in a bodybag and being locked up for the night. However if you wish, after the initial one hour session you may be allowed to serve both Me and Mistress Victoria in a domestic setting until We decide it is time for you to be locked up overnight .

The actual ”lock up” may include a range of different activities such as sensory deprivation and anything from light and comfortable restraint, to restrictive bondage, being caged, or being tied to the St Andrews cross with rope and chains. Once in bondage We would check on you every now and then and torment you for Our own amusement or even use you as a urinal (watersports) through out the night.

A overnight lock up session would cost £600 for the night. For more info or to book call 07521787823 or email

Mistress Salome Sin x x

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Megara Furie  
Double Domme with Mistress Absolute 12th and 13th Feb London
Posted by Megara Furie of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oh hello sub, slave, plaything...

January has been a fetish successful and enjoyable month. I hope yours has been too

However, I haven't had nearly enough time to spend humiliating and torturing underlings with My fisarmingly beautiful, creatively sadistic and psychological genius, Mistress Absolute.

To rectify this I shall be dedicating 12th and 13th February to double and single Domme sessions in Our new, beautiful dungeon in Hampstead, London.

Whatever your kink or kinky persuasion, between Us there isn't much on the bdsm spectrum We don't cover.

Personally I love humiliation, roleplay, cp, ballbusting, tawse, caning, flogging, watersports, breath play, CBT, anal. Being a martial arts practitioner I also love a good Beatdown session.

Absolute has undeniably gorgeous feet made for foot worship and enjoys all of the above and more.

To serve We require the following:

Email with details of your fetishes, health issues and limits.
Date and time you wish to see Us
Deposit of £50 per hour you book once We confirm your slot is available.

£350/hour double
£600/2hr double

Single sessions are also available.


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Mistress Maggie  
Mistress Maggie - A New CP Story
Posted by Mistress Maggie of Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Hi, Mistress Maggie here with news of my latest site update.

I have posted a BDSM story that would especially appeal to those subs and slaves who appreciate CP.

‘Green Flash - Red stripes’ is a fully illustrated story, with an additional picture slideshow that captures the session events, namely, a plimsoll spanking and a judicial style punishment with birch and cane.

The storyline is based on a realtime session I did with a regular slave around 12 years ago, although I can still remember the session as clear as it was yesterday. I have enjoyed rescuing it from my archives and resurrecting it for you to see.

If you would like to partake in a CP session with me, you have my assurance that I play within your personal limits. I have a wide range of implements suitable for spanking, caning and traditional school discipline. Roleplay is optional, so let me know if you have a need to be chastised by teacher or nurse etc. A full guide to my CP sessions and roleplay options is available on my website.

You can read my latest story here -

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